The RHS Sound Mastering Suite is quite possibly the best value in audio reproduction in the industry.

thetaThe RHS Difference is what you get when you combine ears trained in Micro Dynamics with some of the most advanced hi-end sound gear available. We work with the finest gear from MIT, Apogee, Waves, Z-systems, SPL, D.W. Fearn, Classe, Tascam, Alesis, Denon, Oppo & Theta Digital to achieve a world class sound that has impressed some of the most critical audiophiles.

Hearing is Believing
First time clients are offered a Free “A – B ” sample of a segment of one song. Hear the difference that our mastering will make for your music before paying a dime. This also gives you the opportunity to ask for a particular tweak like, “More bass” or” a litle cut on the mids” before the final commitment to disc.

Extreme Mastering
Whether you are looking for that major-label-radio-ready-shine or simply want to take your 20150412_174758tracks to a level you have not been able to achieve, RHS Mastering is the solution.
Many of the details that bring a song into hit status are given life in the mastering process. With RHS Extreme Mastering, we pull out some of our best proprietary hat tricks (secret sauce) that go above and beyond the normal process to guarantee that you get radio ready detail on par with or beyond major label productions. In some cases, you can literally save thousands of dollars and sound better. We are confident that our attention to detail surpasses some of the most recognized mastering houses.

Before committing to disc, everything is checked and double checked. Then upon costumer approval we transfer every project to the best sounding most advanced Media Master available.

*The Ultradisk-HD-M.I.S. 24 caret gold reference for CD’s,
*JVC Taiyo Yuden Premium DVDs for DSD Dad 24/96 & 192k.

All media transfers are treated with our own U.F.O. field optimizer along with an SID sound improvement disk.

The best just has to be better.
RHS Recording & Mastering.