Hi Folks. Thanks for taking the time to consider RHS Recording & Mastering for your next project.

I am the designer of this web site but I am also a client of RHS Recording & Mastering. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about Ron Sachs as a producer and engineer.

I recently worked with Ron on a full album production. Ron brought a lot of creativity to the table being an artist/musician himself. He was able to give me space but keep things moving without being forceful and encouraged me to keep going a couple of times when I was ready to move on. He knew when he was needed as a producer and when to just let me be me.

ron profile picAs the album began to take shape and Ron had a better idea of who I was and what I was after with this album, he took subtle but effective artistic liberties that worked very well within the context of what I was trying to achieve.

Ron Sachs is about the love of the music and I can testify that he will go over and above what you pay for to get things where they should be.

No doubt the new facility will take things to the next level and I look forward to the next time we work together.