Rack 1

20141228_1000501. SPL 2 Control – Hi fidelity headphone amp and volume controller.
2. Custom Mirror Image Gold Channel Switcher. This is a high end audio router that routes any group of channels through my silky smooth processors!
3. SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2-Tube – creates a jaw dropping bottom end along with a gigantic expanded stereo field that takes the mix well beyond the boundary’s of the speakers.
4. SPL De-esser –  A Completely transparent De-esser for vocals. I also use it to tame overly bright mixes that are brought to me.
5. D.W. Fearn VT-1 Vacuum tube microphone preamplifier – jaw dropping huge sound used on vocals, kick & snare as well as electric guitar & Bass.
6. D.W. Fearn VT-1 Vacuum tube microphone preamplifier – Gold Channel II.
7. Mit Z-Isolator HC – Completely isolated AC for high power front end like the Fearn’s Setting the stage for the hologram!




Rack 220141228_100059


1. Apogee Big Ben 192K master clock & Jitter module – This time piece keeps the peace and make digital sound better than analog. Yes, I said it I’ll say it again later.
2. ZSYS – Z-Qualizer with custom power supply. This is my main mastering digital EQ it shapes the mix for complete balance.
3. Waves Maxx BCL- A mastering limiter Compressor with Maxx bass. Brings out low level detail and makes effects shimmer and does a great job slammin you in the head with sheer volume.
4. MIT Z- Iso-Duo- Twin isolated transfomers that sets the stage for the hologram.
5. MIT Z- Iso-Duo Setting the stage for the hologram.
6. MIT Z- Iso-Duo A part of my 2C3D (2-channel 3-Dimensional) – playback & transfer system.




 Rack 3

1. Tascam DV-RA1000HD is my High Definition audio recorder I use for audio masters along with direct stream digital recording. This unit has superb convertors and is capable of 192Kz recording.
2. Panasonic DMR-EZ48V DVD recorder & VHS-DVD transfer component.
3. Alesis 9600 Hi resolution Master Disk Recorder
4. Tascam DA-45R. A 24bit word length DAT Machine. For nearly 20 years DAT was the 1st choice medium for final mixes to be sent to the mastering house. We still master plenty of our clients mixes today from their magnetic DAT tapes to the optical disk format.
5. Denon Precision Audio Cassette Deck DRS-810 One of the finest Hi-end Cassette tape decks ever made with horizontal loading like a Dat machine. I’ve done plenty of mastering using this machine to bring audio jewels recorded on cassette to today’s audio standards. You can check out some of my past bands (Love Affair, Alaska & In Command that I have mastered from cassette with the help from the 810.)
6. MIT Z series Iso Duo This AC Isolator brings the 2C3D sound into a Holographic three dimensional space.



soundsDual hot-rodded VS-2480s – featuring Bur-Brown op-amps along with the harmonic distortion mods on every input channel. This makes for a very high fidelity signal recorded to the Seagate hard drives.
The main XLR input cables are MIT 330 Shotgun. Prepare to be amazed hearing your music through these interfaces.
We output the signal with an MIT Magnum Digital Interface into a Theta TLC 24/96K Timebase Linque Conditioner. This outputs a jitter free signal in care of a Single Mode Optical Transmitter.

thetaFrom there, a Single Mode Fiber Optic cable feeds the Theta Casablanca III’s Single Mode Receiver which uses their Jitter Jail technology to enhance the signal further before its output through an MIT Reference AES/EBU Interface that ends up at the TASCAM DV-RA1000HD High Definition Audio Master Recorder and or the Alesis Masterlink 9600. The reason for stating this is the excitement that happens when all these technology’s end up on your finished master recording and boy does it show!


The Rack of GibralterGib

The main feature has to be the playback system. The audio lens is the most important part of a recording studio and often overlooked. This is a biggie. In fact much bigger than any $250,000.00 dollar mixing console can make on how your final masters turn out. I was a Beta tester for one of the finest hi end companies, “Theta Digital”. Testing their Casablanca II & III during this period it became evident that Digital surpassed analog by quite a stretch. This is welcome news since our recording artists benefit from these technologies.
We’ll start with the speakers then move on to the source components.
1. Synergy becomes pure energy with the MIT, Boston Lynnfield & M&K Trio 2C3D Sound. Hearing ones music on this is worth the price of admission.
2. MIT complete power treatment system – Setting the stage for the hologram bringing the 2-channel, 3-dimentional sound to life.
3. Source reference playback brought to you from Oppo & Alesis. With behind the scenes help from MIT Digital Magnum & Oracle Interfaces.
4. Theta Casablanca III featuring Extreme DAC’s, single mode optical, digital output card featuring resolution enhancement & Jitter Jail technology.
5. Classe Audio CA 301 power amp – The pinnacle of sound design.
6. Classe Audio CA 301 power amp – The 2nd of three amplifiers that run the Boston Acoustic M&K combo.
7. Custom made rack by Bright Star Audio named The Rack of Gibraltar along with their Total Isolation Bases accompanied by Audioquest Footers.